Parent story of a nurse consultation

Luke has had a high temperature (tested by my hand on his forehead, I don’t have a reliable thermometer) since Friday, he seems better whenever he has Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, but I’m conscious that it’s not great to give them too much, mask symptoms and not let his body fight it naturally. So last night despite Luke shivering with fever, hubby and I decided not to wake him and give him more medicine.  This morning he had Ibuprofen (5ml) with breakfast and then Paracetamol (5ml) 2 hours later and I made a doctor’s appointment.  I didn’t give him any more medicine as I wanted the nurse to see how ill he is. Our appointment was at 4.40pm.  By the time we got there the nurse recorded his temp at 40.5C and was a little cross with me for not giving him more medicine, as she’s told me previously I can give him something every 2 hours, alternating Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.  But I had been giving medication for 3 days and it says to consult a doctor after this time.  She also told me off for letting him in our bed as we will make him even hotter. The nurse said that if I let him get hotter he would start fitting and she wouldn’t want to see that.  It all made me feel quite bad and like I’d got it wrong.  Got home, spoke to a sister in law whom had been told not to give anything for a temperature and fitting is the body’s natural way of bringing temperature down.  We agreed that it was a brave mum to let them fit.  But we were also aware that Ibuprofen and indeed any drugs when they won’t eat isn’t great, but the nurse said a few chocolate buttons would suffice and also to let him drink whatever he wanted; how often are we told off for chocolate and squash!!  Sister in law was also told to strip child down and lay them next to you as your body temp will regulate theirs.