Parent Stories

Parent story of a nurse consultation

Luke has had a high temperature (tested by my hand on his forehead, I don’t have a reliable thermometer) since Friday, he seems better whenever he has Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, but I’m conscious that it’s not great to give them too much, mask symptoms and not let his body fight it naturally. So last night […]

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Lindsey Kerr, Parent Lead (2011-2014)

How did I build up? Initially was attending my weekly God-Sent new parents group at my local sure start, where I had been a permanent fixture after attending the breast feeding support group when my son was less than 2 weeks old. By now I had my daughter of about 3 months and was drinking […]

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Holly Hamer

Our son, George, had suffered from vomiting and headaches two weeks prior to this incident. We’d had trouble that day getting through on the telephones to the GP practice as it was a Monday morning. I spoke to NHS 111 who told me I could not access any other help apart from my GP practice. […]

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Louise Connolly, Mother’s Instinct – mother of Harry

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