Our work

Acutely Sick Kid Video Capture (ASK ViC)

The ASK ViC project is videoing sick children presenting to Accident and Emergency, if their parents agree. A web based Community of Practice will be developed to enable real time evaluation by parents and healthcare professionals to inform the quality and content of the videos captured. (2012 – ongoing)Read more

Acutely Sick Kid Safety-netting Intervention Development (ASK SID)

The purpose of this project was to identify the content, presentation and delivery methods for an information resource to help parents decide when to seek help for a sick child. Read more

Acutely Sick Kid Parent Information Project (ASK PIP)

This project aimed to identify parent’s and health care professional’s use of information resources during decision making in acute childhood illness at home.Read more

Acutely Sick Kid Safety-net Review and Analysis (ASK SaRA)

The aim of this project was to identify the effectiveness of information resources to help parents decide when to seek medical care for an acutely sick child under 5 years of age, including the identification of factors influencing effectiveness, by systematically reviewing the literature

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