Team member

Dr Mariyum Hyrapetian

Paediatric registrar, Whittington Health.

Mariyum is a paediatric registrar at The Whittington Hospital and has been working with the ASK SNIFF team for the last 18 months, consenting parents and capturing video footage of unwell children for incorporation into the safety netting resource for parents of acutely sick children. Capturing the footage is a delicate process as parents of unwell children are extremely vulnerable and under a great deal of emotional strain but with empathy and clear explanation there has been good uptake from parents and children agreeing to take part. A wide variety of video clips have been captured and one clip of an important paediatric illness has already been incorporated into an educational resource. Mariyum is passionate about improving healthcare services for children and their families, leading a variety of projects and presenting her work aiming to improve services for children with suspected maltreatment, prolonged jaundice and neonates attending the emergency department. She has published in peer reviewed journals and is co-author of a chapter in a recently published Child Protection training guide.