Parent Panel

The purpose of ASK SNIFF is to empower parents to make decisions about the health of their child. Parents are therefore central to the ASK SNIFF research programme. Our Parent Panel was set up at the start of the programme in order to ensure that the ASK SNIFF work is developed with, for, and by parents every step of the way. This approach ensures that the parent voice and perspective is heard and to enables us as researchers to get it right for parents. They keep us on track! Our Parent Panel is based in Northamptonshire, and usually meet quarterly to talk about each step of our research. Parents are recruited onto the Parent Panel through Sure Start Children’s Centres in Northamptonshire, and members often recruit other parents they know. We understand that families and parents lead busy lives and as a result Parent Panel membership does fluctuate. However we feel privileged and very grateful for any time that parents are willing to contribute to the research by being part of the Parent Panel. We are also very grateful for all the support that Sure Start centres provide us by allowing us to frequently access the centres to recruit parents and provide a room and crèche facilities to enable us to carry out our Parent Panel meetings. We really could not do it without the time and support from all of you. Our two Parent Panel Leads help with recruitment of new parents and frequently attend our ASK SNIFF core team meetings providing a vital link between the Parent Panel and the research team, keeping everyone grounded in the reality of being a parent with young children.