National Partners



There are thousands of children and young people in the UK living with a long-term or complex health condition. WellChild is the national charity working to ensure the best possible care and support for all these children and their families wherever they are and whenever they need it. WellChild have supported the ASK SNIFF programme of research by funding vital elements of the research in order to enable the research team to translate their research into a safety netting information tool.

Advanced Life Support Group


ALSG is a national charity dedicated to saving life by providing training. Set up in 1992 by Sue Wieteska, who is still its CEO, ALSG trains health care professionals to deliver the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage serious illness and injury in children and young people. ALSG are collaborating with ASK SNIFF to ensure that parent training, communication and resources developed as part of these packages are evidence-based and fit for purpose. The safety netting element of the packages is essential to support ALSG’s aim of saving lives by providing training.

Running Horse Group


Running Horse Group is chaired by Dr Damian Roland, a member of the ASK SNIFF research team. The Running Horse group are a network of health care professionals aiming to inspire the child health workforce to deliver high quality services that delight children and their families. Their members have been involved in assisting the RCPCH with surveys on work force planning and delivering a Quality Improvement Agenda. The Running Horse Group have also run, or assisted at number of conferences, where child health quality improvement has been a focus.

NHS England Children & Young People’s Patient Safety Group & Deterioration in Children Advisory Group (Jayne Wheway - Lead)

A small task and finish group has been set up to create a repository of learning and educational resources to aid all health care professionals identify and manage the deteriorating child and young person. Dr. Damian Roland is leading on the curation of a deteriorating child learning portal and Associate Professor Sarah Neill has been assisting with specific content on communication with and by parents.