Our work

Acutely Sick Kid Safety-net Review and Analysis (ASK SaRA)

May 2011- Jan 2012
Funded by University of Leicester

Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (Chief Investigator)
Dr Sarah Neill (Principal Investigator)
Professor Matthew Thompson (Collaborator)
Dr Caroline Jones (Collaborator)
Dr Chenyu Shang (Research Assistant)
Lindsey Robinson (Parent Panel Representative)
Dr Damian Roland (Collaborator)

What are the most effective methods for providing information on when to seek medical care for parents of acutely sick children?


We searched a range of databases using combined search terms related to children, parents, education, and acute childhood illness. Twenty two papers were identified for which we used an integrative narrative approach to review due to the non-comparable designs of the research identified.



Key findings include that consultation rates and parental knowledge are the most commonly used measures of effectiveness. Interventions appear more likely to be effective is they contain comprehensive information on assessment and management of childhood illness, the content is reinforced by local health care professionals and the intervention is co-designed with parents. The setting also seems to have an influence with emergency departments being the least successful.


Project Outputs


Neill, S.J., Roland, D.T., Jones, Caroline, H.D., Thompson, M. & Lakhanpaul, M. on behalf of the ASK SNIFF study group. (2015) Information resources to aid parental decision-making on when to seek medical care for their acutely sick child: a narrative systematic review. British Medical Journal. 2 (27), 1-15. DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008280


Neill, S., Shang, C., Thompson, M. & Lakhanpaul, M. (2013) Developing Safety Netting Information for Parents: Reviewing the literature on effectiveness. RCN Annual International Nursing Research Conference, Belfast, 20th – 21st March 2013.

Neill, S., Shang, C., Thompson, M. & Lakhanpaul, M. (2011) Developing Safety Netting Information for Parents: First Steps. Australian College of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing (ACCYN) Inaugural Conference, Sydney, 19th – 21st October 2011.